Artificial Turf Services in Lighthouse Point, Florida

Artificial Turf

Ben Turf Landscaping is all about making your outdoor spaces look amazing with fake grass that’s really easy to take care of. Instead of dealing with real grass, which can be a lot of work, we use a special kind of turf that stays green and pretty without needing water or mowing. Our friendly team is here to help change your yards, gardens, and places to play into beautiful, green areas that look just like real grass.

Artificial Turf Services

We offer special artificial turf services in Lighthouse Point, FL that’s great for draining water and lasts a long time. Plus, it comes in lots of different colors!

Artificial Turf for Sport Fields

Ben Turf Landscaping’s artificial turf is strong and secure. Coaches can push their athletes to train harder, knowing the surface is sturdy and dependable. Many personal trainers are big fans of our sports turf because it mimics a natural field. They use it for playing games, weightlifting, and training areas. 

Artificial Turf for Golf Turf & Putting Greens

Ben Turf Landscaping is an authorized dealer and installer of Tour Greens putting and short game greens in the Lighthouse Point, FL area. Our crew installs top-notch artificial turf putting greens that feel and perform like real bent grass and are built to last. 

Artificial Turf for Balcony & Rooftops

For over a decade Ben Turf Landscaping has been proudly serving the roofing, concrete, general construction, and power washing needs of Lighthouse Point, FL residents and business owners. We meet our clients needs by providing them with fresh new construction.  

Landscaping Services

Ben Turf Landscaping is environmentally friendly, saving water, chemicals, and pollution from lawn care equipment.


Once we put green turf in your home, it will increase the value of your property. At Ben Turf Landscaping, we provide a variety of artificial green turf and Landscape design products in your area to help you make the space of your dreams a reality. 

Artificial Playground Turf

Playground grass looks terrific, but it is low maintenance and can withstand prolonged and excessive use. Furthermore, playground grass is also long-lasting and cost-effective and safe in the event of trips and falls.

Artificial Pet Turf

Our Pet Turf is engineered to be non-absorbent, resilient, and absorbent. Ben Turf Landscaping’s premier turf looks as realistic as natural grass. Artificial pet turf will enhance your landscaping and can be used for your entire lawn, pet run, or kennel area.  

Artificial Grass for Pool & Patio

Ben Turf Landscaping pool installations incorporate a tile system that ensures our artificial grass drains completely and efficiently. Our synthetic grass is thick and soft even when laid over concrete. 

Sport Fields

Ben Turf designs and installs artificial turf sports fields for everything from football to soccer to lacrosse fields. Save water, maintenance and money for your school, university or municipal sports facility with a pro-quality sports field from Ben Turf.

Golf Solutions

Don’t wait for tee time to work on your golf game. When you have an artificial putting green right in your yard, you can hone your skills whenever the mood strikes. No matter the season, or weather, your synthetic grass is always ready.

Balcony and Rooftops

Turn unused space into a desirable living area by outfitting your rooftop terrace or balcony with artificial grass and luxury patio furnishings. We turn unused and unattractive spaces into places where the whole family can congregate and make memories.